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Philippine Plastic Surgeon is the premier Plastic Surgery center in the country. With more than ten years of  plastic and cosmetic surgery experience, Dr. Edwin Paul V. Magallona has helped people see life in to a newer and brighter perspective- a life-changing perspective.

The best thing about my job, being a plastic surgeon, is that I am able to touch and change people’s lives by freeing them away from their deformities & insecurities that  take away people’s confidence. My job is to make people look good and feel good.

– Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona, M.D.

Dr. Edwin Paul V. Magallona is a board certified Philippine plastic surgeon with over a decade of experience in the industry. He has been a part of the rise of the cosmetic industry in the country and continues to grow with other practitioner’s worldwide. He provides plastic surgery for numerous clients both local and overseas. He is also an expert in Facial Plastic surgery, breast surgery, body contouring, and Minimal Invasive and Reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Edwin Magallona provides plastic surgery for numerous patients worldwide. He is a renowned aesthetic surgeon and is an expert on various fields of cosmetic surgery such as Facial Plastic surgery, Body contouring, Breast surgery, Minimal Invasive surgeries and Reconstructive surgery.

At present Dr. Magallona is a Diplomate of the Philippine Board of Plastic Surgery and is a Fellow of the Philippine Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons (PAPRAS), the only organization recognized by the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS) to safely and competently practice such specialty. He is likewise a Fellow of the Philippine College of Surgeons (PCS).

Six Most popular Philippine Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery Procedure

Philippines has been one of the leading destination when it comes plastic and cosmetic surgery. The country is known world-wide because of the expert practitioners who continue to improve their craft and the highly affordable treatments relative to what other countries offer. Listed below are the top plastic and cosmetic surgery procedure that made Philippines one of the leading medical tourism provider.

Our Philosophy

There is no limit to becoming beautiful. Ralph Waldo Emerson once said “Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms”. This is our goal in Philippine Plastic Surgeon.com. We aim to provide the best cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures that will transform and enhance the unique and inherent beauty of our patients .

This portal will give you all the information you need about the latest and safest medical technologies we have in plastic and cosmetic surgery. Led by Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona, a renowned cosmetic surgeon in the Philippines that has brought smiles to his patients around the world. at Philippine Plastic Surgeon Website we guarantee quality medical and surgical services with complete client satisfaction. We see to it that we abide by the highest medical standards while providing the best patient care to ensure that our patient’s realistic expectations are met.More than anything else, we want the beauty of our clients to radiate from the inside out as they look in the mirror and experience a new sense of self-fulfillment complemented by their physical transformation.

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Surgery Procedures


Breast Surgery Procedures
Breast Augmentation or augmentation mammaplasty is an aesthetic and cosmetic plastic surgery done to enlarge small, hypoplastic, and underdeveloped breasts.


Facial Surgery Procedures
Facelift , also known as rhytidectomy or rhytidoplasty, is a cosmetic and aesthetic plastic surgery procedure for improving and eliminating the inevitable signs and manifestations of facial and neck aging.


Body Contouring Procesures
Referring to a group of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, body contouring involves sculpting of the body and reshape particular body parts according to the desires and needs of the patient.


Reconstructive Surgery
In its general sense, reconstructive surgery is any procedure that aims to restore both the form and the function of a particular body part.


Minimal Invasive Procedures
Minimal invasive surgical rejuvenation procedures are a group of surgical processes that aims to make the face look younger, fresher, and more attractive.


Monetted Kahoolua – Philippines
“I am so thankful.” Dr. Edwin, I am so thankful for all your help. Been wanting to do this for a while now but don’t know of any qualified cosmetic surgeon who would do the job [rhinoplasty] for me. After years of research here and abroad the good Lord guided me to click on that […]

Rosario, Philippines
“I’ve had my nose done by Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona last July 1st 2014. It’s only 2 weeks ago, but already seen a dramatic change in me, especially to my inner self, my self esteem. Doc Magallona was very accommodating and answered all my questions about noselift (rhinoplasty) procedure. Feeling secured and assured, I decided to […]

Mike, Philippines
“I had some concern about having a facelift at my age, but Dr. M did an outstanding job in fixing what nature tried to destroy. I will say I looked awful after the second day, but by the time I left after 15 days, everything was looking the way he told me it would. Since […]

Arlita Siehr, USA
“I was in the Philippines for one month and got my surgeries of a breast job and a nose job. I was so happy for my boobies, it’s really great, my nose it look great too. I suggest to all women want to the a breast job or any surgery, go to The Surgihub. My doc is so amazing, Dr. Edwin Paul Magallona, the group of The surgihub was great people, Dr.Jet, Dr. Gie, Dr. Jess, to my nurses, Yvette, Nora, and Lei. Thank you very much to all of you.”

Keep in Mind


Every doctor has a responsibility to make his patients and potential patients well informed about the surgical procedure he/she wants to go through.
These guidelines provide the most basic yet the most important facts that any patient should keep in mind in order to have a better understanding on the nature of cosmetic reconstructive plastic surgery here in the Philippines.

10 Patient Tips To Keep In Mind



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