Breast Augmentation in the Philippines

Breast Augmentation: Are you Ready for the ‘Big’ Change?

An in-depth knowledge and clear background about the procedure and its ‘ins and outs’ will definitely prepare and guide you along the way

Get ready with Breast Augmentation- PPS
'Am i ready with the big change?'

Breast Augmentation or augmentation mammaplasty is a type of breast implant done to enlarge small, hypoplastic, and underdeveloped breasts. Breast Augmentation is also performed to balance asymmetric breastssecondary to post mastectomy reconstruction, and provide breast volume to women who have given birth.

The operation is usually performed when the breast reaches its mature and final size after puberty at approximately 18 y/o. There are instances however when it can be done earlier such as when one is dealing with congenital breast hypoplasia. This is done with utmost patient confidence.

A patient interested in Breast Augmentation must have a comprehensive consultation with a certified cosmetic plastic surgeon. This is the first step one should do if you are entertaining thoughts of having a Breast Augmentation or augmentation mammaplasty. One should always remember though that a good outcome is basically the reasonable and realistic improvement of one’s features and never the unachievable and impossible “perfection”. This is particularly true if the procedure is being done for reconstructive purposes like after a mastectomy. All patients are thoroughly screened for emotional stability.Get that Big Change- Philippines Plastic Surgeon

Having a “new” look from a Breast Augmentation will never guarantee a glamorous and exciting life. The procedure will just enhance your appearance and potentially give you that push in self-confidence. Realistically, this is what Breast Augmentation can achieve for you. There are no guarantees. How you cope with the positive physical gains of an augmentation mammaplasty is actually up to each patient. It should be kept in mind that the primary objective of Breast Augmentation is for breasts to look fuller and more natural in appearance.

The Breast Augmentation Procedures

A simple Breast Augmentation takes approximately an hour or two. It may take longer to complete if combined with other cosmetic plastic surgery procedures. The procedure may be safely done in an outpatient setting or in a hospital basis under general anesthesia. Once under general anesthesia one will be sleeping soundly all throughout surgery. Local anesthesia may be infiltrated around the breasts in addition to general anesthesia.

There are several incisions, which could be utilized by your plastic surgeon in his approach for placing the breast implant. The inframammary approach makes use of an incision just below the inframammary fold wherein the lower part of the breast connects with the chest. A periareolar approach is placed around the inferior border of the areola. On the other hand, the transaxillary approach utilizes an incision in the armpit. Each technique has its own advantages and potential downside.

Generally, the plastic surgeon lifts the breast tissue up together with the muscle to create a pocket for the implant. At times, he may prefer creating a pocket without lifting the muscle. This is called the sub-glandular or sub-pectoral/sub-muscular placement of implants. There are numerous factors that come into play in deciding which technique to use. Your plastic surgeon will discuss everything with you.

Wound closures are always carefully and meticulously performed by your cosmetic plastic surgeon. Scars are natural consequences of any incision or surgery. Your cosmetic plastic surgeon will try his best to keep them well concealed and hardly noticeable as possible. Following surgery, dressings will be applied over the wounds while bandages have to be maintained over the superior pole of the breasts to hold them in place and prevent migration of the implants.

There are number of reasons

There are a lot of reasons why women venture into this kind of operation. Some could be considered as absurd and some are, well considerably acceptable, especially if it involves women’s health or the overall function.

We asked women, who underwent surgery, about their reasons of doing so, some answers are expected but others are a bit surprising and beyond expectations.  Written below are some of the answers.

  • Breast change after child birth
  • Weight loss
  • To heighten self-esteem and appearance
  • To raise their feeling of self worth
  • To connect them with their femininity
  • To look and feel more like a woman
  • To improve the overall body contour
  • To easily find fitting clothes


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