What should I consider before having rhinoplasty?

Getting a rhinoplasty (or any plastic surgery for that matter), is a life changing decision if you are a person who wants to have rhinoplasty, consider these questions first:

Why am I getting rhinoplasty?

Before deciding on having the procedure, ask yourself first why are getting it. Is it because you want to improve your facial features? Do you want to fix your nose because of a traumatic accident in the past? Or you just want to improve your self confidence? No matter what reason you have for having rhinoplasty, be firm in that decision and always do it for the right reason.

How will I look after the procedure?

Sometimes, your doctor might forget to remind you of the risks so its best that you imagine what you will look like after the operation. Would you look better after the operation or will you look like someone who got punched in the face? This is a real important consideration because although there are ways to correct wrong procedures, you’ll be spending more than the original price that you paid for.

Am I with the right surgeon?

Most surgeons agree that this is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. You wouldn’t want a rookie surgeon experimenting on your face now, would you? Research about the background, skills, mastery of your chosen cosmetic surgeon; additionally, you can check the testimonials of his past patients. You can also ask the opinions of the doctors in the hospital where they work and ask for their portfolio.

Can I really afford it?

Plastic surgery is an expensive operation. A lot of insurance companies do not even include cosmetic surgery in their policy so you better ask yourself if you can afford it. Will you be able to afford post operation additional medicine? What if there’s going to be an infection and you need to redo it, do you have a budget for that? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before deciding.

Is there anyone who’s ready to take care of you after the operation?

The usual healing time of rhinoplasty is at least two weeks into a month. The first 48 hours is the most crucial because there’s going to be bleeding and swollen-ness all over your face (because of the anesthesia). Ask yourself: Is my family/husband/boyfriend willing to take care of me after the operation. Surgeons advice their patients to take the healing process with companions in hand because there are a lot of restrictions in movement and food.

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