Cosmetic Surgery and Plastic Surgery Procedures

Here in, we offer our patients continuous and long term care and comfort for every Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery Procedures they choose. Our goal is to provide the best Cosmetic Surgery Services to our clients and help them rid of their insecurities due to physical flaws and deformities. Our services are performed in prime locations in Metro Manila, Philippines.

Each Philippine Plastic Surgery Procedure will be personally handled by Dr. Edwin Paul V. Magallona, our board certified Philippine Plastic Surgeon who is often regarded as a compassionate, accommodating and caring cosmetic surgeon. In addition, his credentials, skill, and competence all contribute in making his plastic and cosmetic surgery services a most satisfying one for all patients.

Face Surgery and Facial Procedures

About Philippine Facial Surgery and Facial Procedures

Facial surgery refers to the process of molding or reforming parts of the face to correct deformities or deal damages brought by birth defects, injuries, or diseases. Facial surgery can also be used for aesthetic purposes, which concerns with improving the physical look or appearance of the face. In fact, modern cosmetic procedures offer sophisticated methods for restructuring the cheeks, nose, chin, brows, and other parts of the face that need to be enhanced.

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Breast Surgery and Breast Procedures

About Philippine Breast Surgery and Breast Procedures

One of the most important assets of women is their breasts. They not only produce milk that is best consumed by their babies, but also add figure, contour, and shape to their bodies. However, not all breasts are created equal. Some are big, while others are flat. Some are round, while others are pointed. And while there are some that are uplifted, others are sagging. 

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Body Contouring Surgery and Procedures

About Philippine Body Contouring Surgery and Body Contouring Procedures
Referring to a group of cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, body contouring involves sculpting of the body and reshape particular body parts according to the desires and needs of the patient. Because extensive weight loss causes excess fats to hang and skin to loosen, body reshaping becomes necessary. Through these procedures, excess fats in the body and skins that are unresponsive to exercise and diet can be easily and effectively eliminated.

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Reconstructive Surgery and Procedures

About Philippine Reconstructive Surgery and Procedures

In its general sense, reconstructive surgery is any procedure that aims to restore both the form and the function of a particular body part. Aside from plastic surgery, there are other branches of surgery that involves reconstructive procedures such as orthopedic, that reconstructs hips and other joints; otolaryngology, for the head and the neck; pediatric; and gynecology among many others. The common feature of these reconstructive procedures is that they all attempt to bring back to normal the anatomy and function of an irregular or damaged body part. 

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Minimal Invasive Surgical Rejuvenation

About Philippine Minimal Invasive Surgical Rejuvenation 

Minimal invasive surgical rejuvenation procedures are a group of surgical processes that aims to make the face look younger, fresher, and more attractive. They make use of surgical operations and, thus, involve minimal incisions, numbness of the skin, scarring, bleeding, and hair loss on some procedures. However, they promise easy and quick recovery. 

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