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Philippine Body Contouring – Facts About Body Contouring Surgery

About Body Contouring Surgery and Body Contouring Procedures

Referring to a group of cosmetic and plastic surgery proceduresbody contouring involves sculpting of the body and reshape particular body parts according to the desires and needs of the patient. Because extensive weight loss causes excess fats to hang and skin to loosen, body reshaping becomes necessary. Through these procedures, excess fats in the body and skins that are unresponsive to exercise and diet can be easily and effectively eliminated with the help of a certified plastic surgeon.

Among the procedures included in body contouring are buttocks augmentationbuttocks liftarm lift,liposuction, and abdominoplasty.

Liposuction is a popular body contour procedure that aims to improve the figure of the body by removing excess fats from particular areas. It makes use of a suction to eliminate the pockets of fat deposits in the body. Functioning either like a vacuum or a large syringe, the suction device is placed through an incision in the body where fat tissues are suck out.

Lilpo from liposuction comes from the Greek word lipos which means fat. In medicine, liposuction is also called suction lipectomy and l ipoplastyNote that this surgical procedure is never, in any way, an alternative to weight loss for overweight individuals.


More popularly known as tummy tuckabdominoplasty is a surgical procedure that involves tightening the tummy after a significant amount of weight loss, improving the appearance and the contour of the patient’s stomach and waist. It aims to remove the excess fats and skin from the stomach area, resulting to a more tightened abdominal wall muscles. If you want to trim down the protrusion of the lower- and mid-sections of your tummy, then this body contour procedure is definitely for you!

Buttocks augmentation is a cosmetic surgical procedure that involves implanting artificial fats into the buttocks to make it appear uplifted and fuller. It also aims to increase the shape and the size of a person’s behind for health oraesthetic purposes. During this surgical process, the patient undergoes general anesthesia – either below the buttock crease or at the upper thigh – before an incision is made. A pocket where the implants are to be inserted is then created. Depending on the surgeon’s decision, the implants are placed either over or under the muscle. On some instances, this procedure is performed together with liposuction.

In a buttocks lift cosmetic procedure, the surgical removal of excess skin fat around the hip area is performed. It is often done in conjunction with a thigh lift that aims to remove the fatty section of the thighs. These procedures are ideal for individuals who have a relatively pleasing upper body and in a good shape but have excess fats or skin in the thigh or butt area. They are particularly useful after a massive weight loss episode, such as after undergoing gastric bypass operation.

Buttocks lift surgery promises tighter and more attractive buttocks skin, improved contour of the behind, and reduced irregularities in the surface of the butt skin.

Arm Lift

Do you have annoyingly loose skin on your upper arms? Does it hang and sag every time you raise your arms? Loose upper arm skin tends to develop after a significant amount of weight loss. If you used to be obese or overweight and you were able to reduce your weight and trim your figure, chances are, the fats on your upper arm would go away, but the skin will not; thus, the development of loose skin and the need for arm lift surgery.

Also called brachioplasty, arm lift is a surgical procedure that tightens the skin on your upper arm, eliminating the stretch due to weight loss and making it firmer and more attractive.

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