Buttock Augmentation

Philippine Buttock Augmentation – Facts About Buttock Augmentation Procedures

What is Buttock Augmentation?

Aging and weight reduction can result to sagging gluteal area. Buttock Augmentation is a procedure that can give your buttocks a rounder and firmer form. This involves the injection of a permanent soft tissue filler gel (Hydrogel) in the area to be augmented. It can also be an implant (Silicon shell implant) material, which is positioned under the muscle and is keep in place by a thin capsule membrane that is formed around it.

Risks on Buttock Augmentation

Similar to other forms of surgery, Buttock augmentation also has potential risks. Some of the possible complications are swelling, changes in skin sensation, bruising, skin irregularities or dimples, pain and discomfort, fluid correction, and fat absorption.

Frequently Asked Questions on Buttock Augmentation

Q: Is Buttock Augmentation painful?
A: Fat injection is less painful than buttock augmentation with implants. In comparison, fat injection feels like a bruise while implant placement feels like a muscle cramp. However, these are manageable with prescribed medications.

Q: What will I experience during my recovery period?
A: There will be some swelling and minimal bruising which subsides five to eight weeks following the procedure. You will also need to wear a support garment 24 hours for three weeks. For the first two weeks after the procedure, you should sleep on your stomach and not on your back. From the third week up to the sixth, you should use a very soft cushion when you sit. All surgical areas stay numb for four to eight weeks. Massage is the best way that the patient can contribute to a great result because this will help desensitize the skin, preventing hypersensitivity or skin irritation.

Q: When can I go back to work and exercise?
A: Work and other normal activities can be resumed within two weeks after buttock implant placement, or within one week after fat grafting. However, you must refrain from jogging or doing heavy physical activity or exercising until six weeks after surgery.

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