Buttock Lift

Philippine Buttock Lift – Facts About Buttock Lift Procedures

What is Buttock Lift?

Aging and excess weight loss/gain can make buttocks gradually change its shape by drooping and sagging. Buttock lift surgery can give anyone a firmer and more rounded shape. This procedure involves the removal of excess skin and fat at the thigh and lower back area, resulting to a tighter skin of the Gluteal region. This will result in an improved, more rounded, and firmly toned butt and thigh contour.

Risks on Buttock Lift

Every plastic surgery has risks and potential complications. It varies from one patient to another. Some of the possible complications include swelling, pain, changes in skin sensation, bruising, skin irregularities or dimples, and asymmetry.
Frequently Asked Questions on Buttock Lift

Q: Will I see the results immediately after buttock lift surgery?
A: Yes, you will immediately notice your enhanced shape after the cosmetic procedure. Although there will be some swelling, this will recede overtime and you will be left with a firmly toned body that is sculpted the way you wanted it to be.

Q: When can go back to my normal activities again?
A: You can resume with your normal activities in about one to two weeks after surgery. However, patients usually need around six weeks before doing any strenuous activities. It is also important to be mobile during the recovery process in order to ensure good circulation and promote healing.

Q: How long will the results of my Buttock Lift last?
A: The longevity of the effect is highly dependent on your health habits and lifestyle. Buttock Lift can easily last ten years or more when complemented with proper diet and exercise. It is also important to remember that weight gain and aging may affect the improvements provided by the Buttock Lift surgery.

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