Cheek Enhancement

Philippine Cheek Enhancement – Facts About Cheek Enhancement Procedures

What is Cheek Enhancement?
Youthful beauty and health is clearly seen in one’s cheeks. They provide balance and help fill out the middle portion of your face. Cheeks are fuller when you’re young. But as we age the pads that fill out our cheeks and give them their plumpness, change position and fall.

Cheek Enhancement or Cheek Implants is a procedure performed to correct flat and unattractive cheeks using implants to achieve a balanced facial shape. Also known as Cheek Augmentation, it improves the balance of the face with the forehead, nose, and chin. This procedure is also used to reshape the face to give a younger look and a more oval or heart shape, which is aesthetically attractive.

Risks on Cheek Enhancement

Cheek augmentation in itself is a very safe procedure, but no cosmetic surgery is without risk. Some of the potential risks or complications may include infection, implant shifting, and capsular contracture. There is also a chance of infection, bleeding, and numbness from nerve damage. Common to any operation, bruising, scarring, and swelling can possibly happen. If the implant becomes slightly misaligned, a second procedure may be necessary to reposition it.

Frequently Asked Questions on Cheek Enhancement

 Will Cheek augmentation surgery leave scars?
There will be no visible scars after cheek augmentation as the incisions are made inside the upper lip or insider the lower eyelid.

Question: How long before I can recover? What will I feel during the recovery period?
It usually takes about one week to recover from Cheek Enhancement. You may experience difficulty in moving your lips and mouth for the first few days after surgery, and dietary restrictions may be necessary.

Question: When will I be able to exercise again?
You will need to postpone strenuous activities and exercise for four to six weeks after the Cheek augmentation. However, you can go back to work in a week’s time.

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