Facial Implants

Philippine Facial Implants- Facts About Facial Implants Procedures

What are Facial Implants?
The Facial Implants procedure changes the balance and shape of the face. It helps strengthen the jaw line and stabilizes your cheekbones or chin as well as the rest of your features. This procedure is done by using implants to add prominence to the cheekbones, reshape the jaw or improve a receding chin. You can choose from a myriad of implants available, which are made from different materials as well.

Risks on undergoing Facial Implants

As with all other cosmetic procedures, risks are inevitable. A facial implant can have errors when it comes to the alignment and may need another operation to correct it. Infections are very common with this surgery but may be prevented when done by a very good plastic surgeon. Should infections occur and if it does not clear up with the help of antibiotics after the treatment, the implant might have to be removed temporarily and be replaced upon the doctor’s advice.

Frequently Asked Questions on Facial Implants
Q: What does it feel like after getting a Facial Implant?
A: There will be swelling and some bruising after the procedure. You may also experience moderate discomfort in about one to two days.

Q: How long will the implants last?
A: The results are long lasting.

Q: When can I go back to work after getting a Facial Implant?
A: You may return to work and resume normal activities within a week. However, you must lie low on strenuous activities and rough contact on the affected area for four to six weeks.

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