Hair Transplant

Philippine Hair Transplant – Facts About Hair Transplant Procedures

What is Hair Transplant?
Hair loss is a part of the aging process affecting men and women every year. Usually caused by a combination of hormonal changes, genetics, and growing older, hair loss can be detrimental to one’s self-image and confidence. Hair Transplant or Hair Replacement surgery is considered a reconstructive treatment for hair loss.

There are several different methods of hair replacement surgery namely hair transplantation, tissue expansion, flap surgery, and scalp reduction. However, the general approach is the same—small pieces of hair-bearing scalp grafts are removed from a donor site and relocated to bald or thinning area. Hair transplant typically requires more than one surgery, depending on the goals of the patient and the technique selected.

Risks on Hair Transplant

Risks are inevitable in every cosmetic procedure. Fortunately, hair replacement surgery has been practiced for decades and is normally very safe when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon. However, possible complications include infection and scarring. Numbness may be experienced in the donor and recipient sites, which will subside within three months. Skin discoloration is also a possibility in the affected areas as well as an uneven appearance or dimpling of the skin.


Frequently Asked Questions on Hair Transplant

Q: Where will the hair replacement incisions be placed?
A: The incisions are placed where the hairline is desired to be restored. Certified and trained surgeons will make the incisions based on discussions with the patient to ensure satisfaction with the final result.

Q: How will I experience pain after the procedure?

A: Some patients may feel some aching or swelling immediately following their hair transplant surgeries. However, these sensations will gradually disappear. The new replacement hair looks good initially but it is important to note that the fall out after several weeks is normal. This is for the new hair to grow and take its place over the following months. At this point, you are also on your way to having a youthful full head of hair again.
Q: How long will the Hair transplant last?
A: Hair Transplant is almost always permanent, although some patients require “retouch” procedures to maintain natural-looking results. Your plastic surgeon will discuss the long term effects of your operation during your consultation. Although hair transplant surgery doesn’t work for everyone, hair transplants do offer permanent hair restoration for most patients.

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