Alar Trimming

Philippine Alar Trimming – Facts About Alar Trimming Procedures

What is Alar Trimming?

Alar trimming, also known as Alarplasty, is commonly performed on patients with wide nostrils and flaring alar lobule. This procedure is commonly requested by Asians who usually have wide, round nasal tip with an overhang of the alar lobule area. Alar trimming will improve the contour and definition of your nasal alar lobule area. It will also narrow the span of nostrils and alar base, giving a more proportioned shape to your nose.

Risks on Alar Trimming
Fortunately, complications are very rare in Alar trimming. Nevertheless, there is always a possibility that the following may occur: bleeding, infection, deviation of nasal implant, asymmetry of nostrils, prolong redness of nose or later on extrusion of nasal implant. These risks can be avoided by closely following your plastic surgeon’s instructions both before and after surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions on Alarplasty

Q: What will happen after my Alar Trimming?
A: You will feel some pain in the nose area as well as experience nose puffiness during the first few days after Alarplasty. It is best to sleep with the head higher than the chest to help reduce swelling and any discomfort. This will also help you recover fast.

 Can I go back to work immediately?

A: It is advisable to go back to work after one or two weeks. However, strenuous activities should be avoided most especially if it can increase pressure to the face; this might prolong swelling and bruising for the next two to three weeks. It is always best to seek for the advise of your cosmetic surgeon.

Q: Can I use my glasses after the Alar Trimming?
A: It would take three weeks before frames of glasses can be allowed to rest on the bridge of the nose. However, the use of contact lenses can be resumed within two to three days after the Alar Trimming.

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