Philippine Botox – Facts About Botox Procedures

What is Botox?

Some of the factors that contribute to having fine lines and wrinkles are sun exposure, expression lines, and aging. Through BOTOX®, frown and forehead lines are softened and gradually erased by the treatment. BOTOX®, also known as Botulinum toxins, has been initially used to treat eye and neck spasms and cranial nerve disorders. At present, BOTOX® is widely used for cosmetic purposes with the approval of the FDA. The procedure involves the injection of BOTOX® into the facial muscles, blocking nerve impulses that cause momentary paralysis of the muscles thus smoothing out wrinkles.

Risks on Botox

Risks are inevitable in any medical procedure. Some of the possible complications of BOTOX® include asymmetry, temporary bruising, swelling, and some discomfort. Difficulty in swallowing or dysphagia may also be experienced as well as neck pain and headache. 

Frequently Asked Questions on Botox

 Is it safe to undergo BOTOX® treatment?

A: Yes, BOTOX® treatment is safe.  This procedure has been widely administered for more than ten years now.

Q: What are areas are usually treated with BOTOX®?
A: Generally, the areas around the eye—also known as crow’s feet, and the forehead area are the ones usually treated with BOTOX®. BOTOX® is also used to treat evident neck bands or cords. Good results are also achieved when BOTOX® is used in the marionette lines, upper lips, and rippling of the chin. It is also an effective treatment for excess sweating in armpits, soles, and palms.

 When will I see the results after BOTOX?

A: The results will be seen within three to five days after undergoing the procedure.

Q: How long will my BOTOX® treatment last?
A: The effects of BOTOX® treatment usually last up for about four to six months. The results may also last even longer after repeated injections.

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