Scar Revision

Philippine Scar Revision – Facts About Scar Revision Procedures

What is Scar Revision?

Scars are mainly formed when the body is injured and needs to repair itself. It results from multiple causes such as surgery, trauma, and illness. There are various types of scars that can be formed and different degrees of its severity and development. A scar is formed when the skin is abraded (severely rubbed by friction), cut, burned, or damaged in one way or another. Some scarring may take the form of keloid, contractures, or hypertrophic—depending on the healing ability of the person and the nature of the injury.

Scar revision surgery can improve the way the scar looks but it doesn’t remove the scar completely. Unfortunately, no scar can be taken off entirely. However, scar revision surgery can make your scar much less noticeable and improve its overall appearance. 

Risks on Scar Revision Surger

Scar revision is generally safe. However, there are certain that are possible in any surgery. This procedure may leave serious swelling or redness but this subsides in time.

Scar Revision Surgery Frequently Asked Questions
Question: Why is a scar considered a problem?
A scar can limit movement and cause pain to the patient, which prevents him/her from doing daily tasks the same way.

 What type of Scar Revision is best for me?
There are different types of Scar Revision namely laser, injections, skin grafts, Z-plasty, and other methods that lighten or diminish the scar’s appearance. The type of scar revision surgery you need mainly depends on the severity of the scarring and your body’s response to the injury.  Bear in mind that all scars are permanent. This procedure will not remove your scar but it will help conceal it and improve its total look.

When is the best time for a Scar Revision surgery?
There are some scars that actually decrease naturally from the time of injury. Your scar may decrease in size and severity on its own after a certain period. Knowing these possibilities, you may want to consider waiting for a year or so before going through a scar revision surgery.

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