Wire Scalpel

Philippine Wire Scalpel – Facts About Wire Scalpel Procedures

What is Wire Scalpel?

Wire scalpel is a minimally invasive procedure that significantly improves the deep smile lines beyond the corner of the mouth and permanent frown lines at the root of the nose. It involves the removal of wrinkles in the forehead, nose, neck, face as well as the correction of contour defects and deformities of soft tissue and skin. Wire Scalpel treatment is an instant procedure that softens the Nasolabial folds by means of a fine saw toothed wire inserted in the subcutaneous level of the skin. This results in a younger and softer facial look.

Risks on Wire Scalpel Treatment

Risks and complications are rare in Wire Scalpel treatment. However, you may possibly experience swelling and bruising, which both subside in a few days.

Wire Scalpel Treatment Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How will Wire Scalpel improve my face?
By significantly reducing the permanent frown lines in the upper face, the procedure improves and gradually removes the “sour angry” look. On the other hand, deep heavy concave smile lines in the lower face, which contribute to a tired and aged look, are also removed by the Wire Scalpel  procedure.

Question: How will I look after the Wire Scalpel procedure?
After the undergoing Wire Scalpel, the treated area will be slightly swollen. You can apply make-up after two days to hide any trace of bruising.

 How are the wires administered?

Before the wire is inserted, lines are drawn on the face to accurately guide the plastic surgeon on the areas where the threads will be placed. Local anesthetic is also administered in these lines. A fine needle with a specially designed wire attached is then inserted under the marked lines (around the frown or smile line). The puncture marks are so small that no stitches are needed, and they are dressed with small pieces of sterile strips only.

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