Cleft Lip Surgery

Philippine Cleft Lip Surgery – Facts About Cleft Lip Surgery Procedures

What is Cleft Lip Surgery?

Cleft lip surgery also known as Cleft Palate Surgery restores the lip anatomy of individuals with inborn deformities, making it as normal as possible. Cleft lip or Cleft Palate is a congenital malformation that happens during the period of upper lip development. The deformity may involve the area surrounding the lip such as nasal tip, alar lobule, collumela, and maxillary area.

Risks on Cleft Lip Surgery

Results are positive when the cleft lip surgery is done by a qualified plastic surgeon. However, risks are still involved in this procedure. The most common is asymmetry, wherein one side of the mouth and nose does not match the other side.

Cleft Lip Surgery Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is Cleft Palate procedure done?

In the cleft lip surgery, the surgeon will make an incision on either side of the cleft from the mouth into the nostril. After which, he will turn the dark pink outer portion of the cleft down and pull the muscle and the skin of the lip together to close the separation. Through this, the muscle function and the normal “cupid’s bow” shape of the mouth are restored. The nostril deformity associated with cleft lip may also be improved at the time of lip repair or in a later surgery.

Question: What do I need to know if my child will undergo Cleft Lip Surgery?

In your first appointment, your surgeon will discuss the details of the procedure to be used, including the type of anesthesia to be administered, where the surgery will be done, possible risks and complications, recovery guidelines, costs, and the results. Feel free to ask your surgeon any question, and bring up any concern you may have.

Question: What is the ideal age for my child to undergo Cleft Lip surgery?

Generally, Cleft Lip Surgery is done when the child is more than two months or ten weeks old.

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