Ear Reconstruction

Philippine Ear Reconstruction – Facts About Ear Reconstruction Procedures

What is Ear Reconstruction?

Microtia is a congenital deformity caused by the improper development of the external ear apparatus—the ear lobule, auricle (helix), tragus, and choncal depression—making it severely deformed. This can be corrected through Ear Reconstruction surgery. This procedure requires a series of operations done with an interval of four to six months apart.

Initially, Ear Reconstruction would involve the creation of the cartilage framework with an inset in a subcutaneous pocket behind the rudimentary ear. This is then followed by lobule flap rotation or elevation of the cartilage framework. The last stage of Ear Reconstruction is the choncal deepening or tragal reconstruction that results to a more natural ear.

Risks on Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Ear Reconstruction involves some risks and complications, which are also common to other surgical procedures. Some of the risks include swelling, infection, scarring, bruising, and bleeding. On rare occasions, numbness and hematoma may also occur.

Frequently Asked Questions Ear Reconstruction Surgery

Question: Is there a possibility of hearing loss after Ear Reconstruction?
The procedure does not cause hearing loss. However, there are some risks that could happen such as infection, bleeding, and swelling.

 What is the best age for my child to undergo Ear Reconstruction?

Ear Reconstruction is best started when the child is four years old. This is the age when the ears are full developed. Most parents feel that doing the procedure at a younger age will help preserve their child’s self esteem since children tend to be teased by their peers most especially when they have prominent ears.

Question: How soon can my child recover from Ear Reconstruction surgery?
Your child’s recovery depends on the extent of the surgery and his/her ability to recuperate. Excessive activity should be avoided for the first few weeks after the procedure. Contact sports and light exercise can be started after four to six weeks.

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